a space to be …

an artist   …   a dreamer
an explorer  …   a maker

… a space to be yourself

studios  |  cabins  |  retreats

by craft builder Emma Appleton

Beautiful in their simplicity, skilfully crafted with care –
bespoke natural buildings that hold the space
for the magic to happen. 

What would you do with a space of your own?

A haven for you – for your ideas and dreams. 

A place to explore the untrodden roads of your creativity,
a space to relax and stop, somewhere to meet yourself again. 

Whatever the purpose, I believe that having a space of one’s own can be transformative. 

It is a radical act of self care. 

Radouk provides the space for your journey.


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Beauty in simplicity 

Designed with an ethos of simplicity and functionality so that you can make this space your own. 

A blank canvas inside a warm and light-filled space. 


Radouk spaces use:

Welsh-grown larch or Douglas cladding
Welsh oak flooring
Wood fibre insulation
Tin or slate roofing
Stormproof windows & doors

Integrated into nature 

Radouk cabins are built with locally grown materials that naturally provide warmth, strength and weather resistance. 

The beauty and functionality of Welsh oak and larch allows these cabins to nestle into their surroundings. 

These buildings feel part of nature.

Prefabricated or built on-site

Cabins can be completed and finished in my workshop, and delivered to you finished and ready.  Or if access is difficult, my fully-fitted mobile workshop is ready to build your Radouk space in-situ.

Small & perfectly formed

Radouk buildings are designed to fit with the permitted development rules in your location. Get in touch to talk over your requirements and concerns around planning permission.

Low impact & off-grid

Every Radouk building is designed to have a low impact on the earth and to integrate snugly and sympathetically with nature.

If you would like your Radouk space to be off-grid, this can be incorporated into the design, enabling you to enjoy the comforts of water and electricity far away from other buildings.

About the creator

Emma Appleton has been building with natural materials for ten years. Trained in heritage wood work and being mentored by masters in their craft. Emma has grown to truly appreciate the benefits of using the right natural materials to enhance the durability and functionality of a building. 

The durability of larch and oak, the warmth of sheep’s wool, the impermeability of slate. Working with natural products requires a deep understanding of how they will behave and react in our climate. This is a life-long learning process of getting to know our land. 

The simple beauty and functionality of these materials is lies at the heart of everything Emma builds.

Radouk: beautiful, natural buildings.

Emma works with each client one-to-one to create bespoke buildings that represent your dreams and vision.

Beginning her career as a teacher and facilitator working with self-builders, Emma’s passion is in holding her clients’ vision at the core of the design and build process. 

Emma has collaborated with and learned from many other craftspeople along the way, bringing a diverse portfolio of skills and knowledge to every project and creating something extra special for each and every client.


  • This is a very productive vegetable garden with raised beds and nicely proportioned pathways. The RHS Rosemoor Shed combination is the perfect focal point to the garden
  • Greenhouse Storage Shed Combi from greenhousemegastore.com
  • Border Oak garden building.  I'll have this as my end-of-the-garden-escape please.
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